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Sobrino: "You always have to fight to the end"

The daimieleño, scorer of the 3-2 scoreline, spoke about the victory over Atlético de Madrid.

The player from Daimiel, scorer of the winning goal against Atleti, spoke to the media. "Every player knows that he has to give everything he has in there. When I signed here I was told that the fight was non-negotiable, and I said it was going to be like that until the end. Today we proved it. I think it was a fair goal with the game we were playing."

Important goals in recent seasons bear his signature. "I'd like to score more goals, even if they weren't so important, but the most important thing was to get the three points, win and improve the image we gave last weekend. I think we played a very good game, we came out very well on the pitch and we were very good."

The goal. "He arrived tired, he went to the box because he knew he was going to cross. When he missed the clearance, my reaction was to hit him with my hip. It's a quick play, I find it and I was in the uncertainty that I could hit it with my hand, but in the end I didn't. It's a very quick play, it's a very quick play. It's a very quick play. We have to try to fight until the end, we did everything and the most important thing was to get three points at home."

Self-criticism. "We have to improve a lot of things because at two-nil down they can't score two goals against us. Atleti are a very good team, they have very good players and with the quality they have they have to go for the game. We needed to make it three out of three. I think we've played some very good games here, but it's no good if you don't win. I thought we were going to lose another great game, but in the end we won."