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Sergio: We continue to depend on ourselves and that's what matters

The Cadista coach positively analyzed the victory against Celta

Cadista coach Sergio González spoke to the media after the duel against RC Celta. "Very happy for the enormous game that the team has put in. An excellent first part, a very good second part too, removing some sections. There have been good interventions by Conan. The team has deserved to win and has deserved to win for more. It has been a party very great in the communion of the team with the fans. It would have been very easy, for the season we have been carrying out, to have achieved mathematical permanence today. We continue to depend on ourselves and that is the most important thing".

Good team performance. "At the group level we have been very good. Defensive solidity, poise, knowing how to be on the field understanding each area and each situation. The people were frustrated at not receiving a prize for the first part. At half-time I told them that thinking about the past was not It was going to help us, what was going to help us was repeating the performance. The game was very complete and I even thought the result fell short". 

Happy with the victory. "The team is very happy with today's victory, but we couldn't get salvation today. We have to reestablish ourselves, understand that it has been a giant step. The team continues to fight, facing a strong week against a strong opponent. I'm leaving I'm happy because it's a very good victory. It's time to enjoy and start thinking about the next day".