Sergio González: We have taken a giant step

The Cadista coach analyzed the victory against Real Valladolid at a press conference

The Cádiz CF coach, Sergio González, appeared in the Nuevo Mirandilla press room to analyze the yellow team's victory against Valladolid on matchday 35 of LaLiga Santander.

Capital match for the goal. “It is clear that the party was capital, transcendental. We knew that if we won we would stay close and if we lost it was not final either. It has been understood what the responsibility of the party was, very important. We talked about it in the preview, the team has a lot of soul and today they learned about its importance without having to explain it to them much. We have gone from less to more and it has been unfair that we go to zero at half-time. We have had the penalty situation, chances from Bongonda, with very clear situations and I think we have been better than them. In the second half, there was a phase in which we weren't so comfortable, they got loose, the fans took notice and they got us into the game. After Bongonda's move, the game has changed again. We have started to play well, we have known how to temper the game well, then the red card and we have known how to read what the game needed at that moment. Very happy for the boys and the people. It gives us an injection of strength and we have less left”.

Attitude and ambition. “In the end, the result marks what I was saying about ambition and if Sergio's team goes for a draw or that type of situation. The team always comes out with the attitude of winning, with players on the wing, offensive pivots, with two points. We always have situations and we create them, but when we don't get them right, you can come to think that the team is satisfied with the draw”.

The importance of player number 12. “In the preview we talked about how the fans were going to be essential, that they were going to get us into the game first, but we had to put gasoline in them. We have been giving each other feedback, going hand in hand, and when we have gotten off, they have given us the impulse. That's where we scored the goal and that's why the points have stayed with us”.

The inconvenience of Fali and Chris Ramos. “Fali noticed a puncture in the groin in an action of kicks on goal at the end of the warm-up. The important thing is that Jorge warmed up well and had a good match. It's a shame because you don't want anyone to get hurt, but it's nice to see a teammate pay attention and put on a performance like his. Chris noticed a hyperextension at the end of the first half in his knee, he was getting a lot of trouble there”.  

Giant step for salvation. “We talked to Choco at halftime to get him to come in and he had a huge game. We discussed it, doubts about its presence have been dispelled and little by little we are putting it under its potential. It is important that we are all plugged in. We have taken a giant step forward, but we must now think about the next game on Wednesday to get what little we have left”.

Exponential level in limit situations. “Our growth must be that we don't always get our best level when we are tight, that when we have that extra ball, we take advantage of it. But it is true that the team in extreme situations is very reliable. I was very convinced that today we were going to compete very well and I was very happy with everyone's work”.