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Presented in Benalup the first pre-season game

José Mata attended the event accompanied by the president of the Barbate club, Diego Pérez, and the mayor of Benalup, Antonio Cepero

The manager of the Cádiz CF Foundation and assistant to the presidency, José Mata, took part this Wednesday in a ceremony alongside the mayor of Benalup-Casas Viejas, Antonio Cepero, and the president of Barbate CF, Diego Pérez, to present the first friendly match of the pre-season, which will pit the first yellow team against the Barbate side.

Mata expressed his gratitude for the fact that, for the second consecutive campaign, the first friendly match of the season will be played in Benalup and against Barbate. "It's always a real pleasure to be with each and every one of the localities of the province of Cádiz. The match is played as a tribute to this great Cadiz player who sadly passed away and, in a way, it is a tribute to provincial football. Cádiz CF is extending its hand so that all the clubs in the province continue to grow hand in hand with Cádiz CF".

The mayor, for his part, pointed out that "the commitment that Cádiz CF is making to the whole province is very important, as the whole province is committed to our nationally renowned team".

Finally, the president of the Barbadian club emphasised his satisfaction at playing against the Yellows' first team and affirmed that "we all have to push together so that the club can be in the First Division for many years" because "they are doing things very well". "To return to play against Cádiz CF is still a source of pride, Barbate has always been a team that has been linked to Cádiz. As long as this board of directors is here, we will continue to do everything we can to support Cádiz, the team of the province and the one that is in the First Division".

Cádiz CF will play Barbate CF at the Estadio Municipal Fernando Romero on Friday, 15 July, from 19:30 onwards.