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Ledesma: We are going to leave our skin in Elche

The Cádiz goalkeeper valued the victory for the club's media

Atmosphere. "Very happy. It's very nice when you go out to the stadium and find all this atmosphere. Also the reception on arrival. It gives us a lot of strength and we knew how to take advantage of it. We were able to reciprocate what the fans gave us."

Match. "We prepared it. The first half was very good. We created chances, there was a penalty, Choco's goal... In the second half we also created situations, but with the changes they advanced meters on the field and we closed well behind, we held them We played a great game and we understood the moments, which was the most important thing". 

Inconvenience. "I'm fine. It's normal at the end of the tournament to have discomfort, but we're fine."

Message to the fans. "The usual support. We are going to give our all in Elche, as we have always done. And we will achieve our goal, God willing."