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Iza: "All I can say is thanks to the fans"

Cádiz full-back, Iza Carcelén, spoke to the club's official media after the 0-0 draw against UD Las Palmas: "In the end, these actions weigh heavily, especially that disallowed goal because in the end, Víctor's red card was avoidable. The team threw everything at it looking for the goal without luck. We are leaving very disappointed."

Fight until the end. "There have been a lot of emotions in these matches. As I said, we went a lot of games without winning, and that's what ultimately causes us to get relegated because it's a long stretch without victories. Under different circumstances, this team would have been relegated a long time ago due to those winless matches. It's true that we managed to climb up the table in the end, and today we had a great opportunity to stay alive, but it didn't work out in the end."

Apology to the fans. "All I can say is thank you to the fans. This team will surely return to the top tier where it deserves to be, for the Cádiz fans who come to see us game after game no matter the circumstances. From the locker room and as captain, all we can do is apologize. Next year will be another battle with the goal of returning to the top division, where we deserve to be."