Fede: We have left everything and it could not be

The midfielder Fede San Emeterio spoke to the club's media after the duel against Mallorca

San Emeterio spoke in the 'superflash' zone for the club's official microphones to analyze the clash at Son Moix. “We came with the illusion of getting something out, but already thinking about the next game against Valladolid, a direct rival. We hope with our people to move it forward ”.

An early goal that weighed down the team. “In the end it was an early goal, we didn't get into the game well. From there, we react but it costs more to go down on the scoreboard. We have tried, we have fought, we have had approaches, but we have not made those shots. We have left everything and it could not be ”. Message to the fans. “The day of Valencia everything was demonstrated, what they give us when we are all united, team and fans.

That they return to the field, that they encourage us, that there are two games left at home and with them everything is easier. Against Valencia, it was shown that they were player number 12, we played and we appreciated it, so we hope they return against Valladolid because we need them”.