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Fali: Next week we have a final at home

The central defender answered the Movistar+LaLiga microphones after the match against Mallorca

Fali spoke in 'superflash' for the Movistar+ LaLiga microphones to analyze the defeat at Son Moix against Mallorca. “Well, we've come out of worse things, head held high. Small details in this type of match have been the key. On a set piece, on a ball conceded by us and many things are decided on that play. We have tried and it has not been possible. This continues and next week we have a final at home" 

The details decanted the party. “Small details in this category count for a lot and in these games the details, for or against, mark the game. In that specific play it happens because they had not shot on goal before. Then, Muriqi had a head but it was when we were up. The team has to do more damage, they have tried until the end and next week we have another final”.  

Reset for the next final against Valladolid. “The next game is in our head. If we want to save ourselves, we know we have to win at home. Today was a vital game because there are only five left. We depend on us and today the party opts for that detail behind. The team has to train and reset this hard blow, but we have come out of worse. Football is so beautiful that every week gives you a new opportunity and to prepare for the final against Valladolid”.