Escalante: You have to erase today and prepare for Celta

The Argentine midfielder passed through the flash zone after the match against the Groguet team

Escalante spoke in 'superflash' for the Movistar+ LaLiga microphones to analyze the defeat at La Cerámica against Villarreal. “The truth is, I think we did a great first half, the coach said so and I think the same. They have been specific plays with which he has escaped us. In the first goal, I see a push, but they are very good and we know that if we make mistakes like that, you pay dearly”.

Final at home against Celta de Vigo. “It was important to go 1-0, but these are football things. The important thing is to forget about this and focus on the final at home this weekend.

Reset to go for the next encounter. “We are fine and the team is very calm, we know what we are playing at home and we are showing it. They were moments, we had our chances and they did take advantage of them. You have to erase today and prepare for Celta”.