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3-4 | Tight loss to Wolves

The Cadista team lost by one goal to Wolves in La Línea.

The action kicked off very early at the Estadio Municipal Ciudad de La Línea. It didn't take long for the Cádiz-Wolves game to get underway. Before the two-minute mark, Carlos Garcíe-Die put the ball into his own net when trying to clear a low cross from the English side's left flank, to which Cádiz responded with another own goal. Tote Gomes, with his head, put the ball into his own net when trying to clear a header from Sobrino.

The two teams took turns in possession, with Lopetegui's side defending with up to five players in defence when Cádiz were on the edge of their area. It was from a set piece that Wolves took the lead again. Collins headed the ball into the back of the net from a set piece to make it one-two. A few minutes later, Podence, from the edge of the area, beat David Gil to make it one to three.

With one to three on the scoreboard it was time for the second half, in which the Cadistas started well with Rubén Alcaraz playing a very active role. It would be the '4' who would be in charge of closing the gap with a great shot from the front following a good recovery by Brian Ocampo. Alcaraz beat the English goalkeeper to make it two to three, giving the Cadiz team wings to fight for the equaliser.

The Cadista side were competing for the equaliser, but then the speed of South Korea's Hee-Chan Hwang appeared on a counter-attack. The Wolves player was in the box, made the killer pass to Raúl Jiménez and Genar, trying to block the pass, put the ball into the Cadista goal. It was 2-4, but Sergio Gonzalez's side continued to look for a goal by moving the ball around the area defended by goalkeeper Sarkic. 

In the last few minutes, the 'Tacita' side managed to score again with a great shot from Álex Fernández from the edge of the area that goalkeeper Sarkic could not stop. With the goal, the third friendly came to an end.

Technical details:

Cádiz CF: David Gil, Fali, José Mari, Sobrino, Bongonda, Alarcón, Brian, Álvaro Negredo, Iza, Espino, Carlos García-Die. Also played Blanco, Alcaraz, Liébanas, Álvaro Giménez, Lautaro, Alejo, Mabil, Arzamendia, Luis Hernández, Choco, Álex, Arzamendia, Lucas Pérez.

Wolves: Sarkic, Ait-Nouri, Collins, Podence, Diego Costa, Semedo, Kilman, Tote Gomes, João Moutinho, Adama Traoré and Joe Hodge. Also played Guedes, Hugo Bueno, Raúl Jiménez, Hee-Chan Hwang, Mosquera, Lembikisa, Pond, Ronan, Farmer, Griffiths.

0-1, min. 2, Carlos Garcíe-Die (PP)
1-1, min. 10, Tote Gomes (PP)
1-2, min. 32, Collins
1-3, min. 37, Podence
2-3, min. 56, Alcaraz
2-4, min. 76, Genar (PP)

Referee: Orellana Cid (Seville).