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0-0 | Great game without the prize of the win

The Cadistas played a great match against Betis, which ended in a goalless draw.

Like any regional derby, this one was not going to be left behind in terms of excitement and intensity. Both teams, Cadiz and Betis, laid their cards on the table. Intentions shown. The Betis, through possession, looked for the gaps through which to create danger on Conan Ledesma's goal. It was the Betis who entered the duel with chances, with the Cadistas balancing the scales as the minutes went by.

After 20 minutes, a personal move by Brian Ocampo forced a corner for the Cadistas, signifying the yellows' reaction to the Green and Whites' dominance. In the 25th minute, a great shot by Álex was saved 'in extremis' by Claudio Bravo. Sergio González's team had some great minutes, even cornering Manuel Pellegrini's team in their own area.

After the restart, Guido Rodríguez was in charge of carrying out the first dangerous action of the second half with a long-range shot, although from the hour of the match it would be the Yellows who would be the protagonists of the dangerous plays. Álex tried his luck inside the area in the 57th minute and, minutes later, Choco shot from the edge of the area.

Until the end of the match, with dangerous actions by an active Brian Ocampo and a tireless Lucas Pérez, the Cadistas turned on Claudio Bravo's goal without finding the goal. A great match for the Yellows, who earned a very valuable point against an opponent of high stature.