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Press release on Order TMA/271/2022

Cádiz, 06 April 2022.- After the publication this Wednesday in the BOE of the Order TMA/271/2022 of March 14, Cádiz Club de Fútbol wants to make the following statements:

Firstly, the entity has been always aware of the situation in which the Delphi land has been for the last 15 years. Once the Order TMA/271/2022 of March 14 was published in the BOE on Wednesday, it is preparing the relevant appeal against the Ministerial Order.

Secondly, Cádiz CF are not going to participate in any dispute or controversy over the use of this land, as it has only sought and will continue to seek to serve as an integrating hub and locomotive of industry in our province, for the creation of an industrial fabric and employment.

Finally, Sportech City continues to move forward with its planned roadmap for the development of this technological, sporting and innovative project. As always, the club are extending again its hand to any entity or organisation that wants to join in to make the Bay of Cádiz a reference in the south of our country.