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Pellegrino: "We are very excited about this new opportunity."

Cádiz CF coach Mauricio Pellegrino held a press conference ahead of 26th matchday against RC Celta, which will take place next Sunday at 14:00 at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium: "We're very excited, trying to prepare the match in the best possible way. I see the boys eager for this new opportunity, they're working very well."

Absentees. "We have Lucas Pires out due to suspension, Fali due to injury. In addition to the usual injured players. As of today, the rest are available, I don't know about tomorrow."

Dynamic. "Predicting results is very difficult, that's why we embrace this unpredictability. Any detail can change the previous logic. Despite the difficulty, we have a great opportunity this weekend."

Emotional aspect. "The most important thing is to improve football-wise, for the team to have tools and responses for the moments that arise during the match. To improve consistency throughout the 95 minutes of the game. The guys know we need to improve, hopefully, we can find those stimuli that boost our confidence. The team is in very good physical shape and mentally eager to compete in this match."

Rafa Benítez. "He has been a very important person both professionally and personally, above all, a reference. I have a friendship with someone who has given me a lot."

Celta. "They have a team with very important players, an organized and dangerous team. They have tools to always pose a threat. It's going to be a tough match."

Fans. "Let's try to see the options the team has. Historically, we would have given a lot to be in this situation. I would like us all to be united. It's time for everyone to pull in the same direction."

You can watch the full press conference here.