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Pellegrino: "The team is alive"

The Cadiz coach addressed the press after the 2-2 draw against RC Celta.

The Cadiz coach held a press conference after the 2-2 draw against RC Celta: "In terms of the result, it's a bit disappointing because we had hopes of taking all three points. Fate decided that we would take just one point. We've shown that we're a team that, playing like this, has many chances of winning matches. That's the great triumph of today.

Need for victory. "We need a victory on all levels, but for that to happen, we have to play well even when the atmosphere is tense. Unlike in other matches, we had order. This gives us that glimmer of hope for the next match."

Next week. "The team is alive, and we have the ability. Despite the difficulty, the guys have put the team above everything else. If we continue competing at this level of demand, we will win matches and have more chances."