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The Basque midfielder is thinking of nothing other than turning the situation around

Jon Ander Garrido was the third of the designated players to speak after the defeat to Athletic Bilbao. The Basque midfielder did not try to hide that, “if it was already mentally difficult, now we need to make an extra effort. Working triple-hard.” He added: “We know we can do it and we need to turn this around no matter what.”


Garrido said: “We need to change our mentality, I think it’s a mental issue. We need a win. We need to go back to basics, to win games focused on solidity.” Along the same lines, he added: “We’re in a rut where we don’t win, we’re finding it hard, they’re scoring a barrel-load against us and we need to change. We need clean sheets.”


He also had words for the faithful Cádiz supporters: “I’d say to the fans to trust the team that got promoted to Primera. We’ll fight to the end. I say the same to my teammates. We need to change, change it completely. We’re going to do this by giving it our all on the pitch.”