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0-0 (2-4) : David Gil guides Cadiz into the quarter-finals

A hard-fought match at El Molinón was decided in the penalty shoot-out with a great performance by David Gil.

After the first few minutes, in which Cádiz managed to put the Asturians in trouble with a one-on-one from Andone that Mariño won, the game started with both teams very well positioned on the pitch. After the initial score, Gallego's men took a step forward to reach the 20th minute with several dangerous chances that made David Gil make great saves. The goalkeeper from Madrid prevented a goal when the home side were pressing hardest.

Cádiz responded to these dangerous moves with a good run down the left flank by Álvaro Jiménez, who crossed into the box looking for Andone. Mariño prevented him from connecting with the delivery. From this point until the end of the first half, the Yellows had several dangerous approaches to the Gijón goal with crosses from the boots of Arzamendia and Alejo.

The second half was uneventful, until the changes made by both teams after the hour mark shook up the match. Both teams wanted to save their strength for the extra time that seemed to be on the horizon. In stoppage time, Sporting had one or two chances that could have been enough to win the game, but David Gil was there to stop the onslaught. However, it was Sobrino who could have scored with a header in the last play of normal time.

In extra time, both teams were physically exhausted and, above all, did not want to take any risks at a time of the match when any detail could have made the difference. After two periods of extra time without much news, the referee called the final whistle to decide who would go through to the quarter-finals in a penalty shoot-out.

In the penalty shoot-out, a great performance by David Gil and the penalties taken by Álex Fernández, Álvaro Negredo, Alberto Perea and Arzamendia put Cádiz into the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey.

Technical details:

Real Sporting: Mariño, Guille Rosas, Kravets, Borja, Pedro Díaz, Nacho Méndez, Berrocal, Rivera, Rodríguez, Villalba and Djuka.

Cádiz CF: David Gil, Parra, Haroyan, Chust, Arzamendia, Bastida, Fede San Emeterio (Fali, min. 61), Alejo (Salvi, min. 61), Álvaro Jiménez, Sobrino and Andone (Negredo, min. 61).

Referee: Ortiz Arias (Madrid)