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One of the Cádiz CF club captains, Jon Ander Garrido, looks at how the team has fared in the top flight, offering analysis from both an individual and team perspective.

Central midfielder Jon Ander Garrido analysed the opening phase to Cádiz CF's start to the LaLiga Santander 20/21 season via the club's official media channel. Garrido, who is also one of the club captains, also offered an overview on his own time at the club since moving to Cádiz in January 2014

Overcoming a long-term injury

"I can now finally enjoy this, what we all work towards. I spent seven months out of action and was reduced to gym work and not getting near the pitch was pretty tough. I'm now enjoying working with the squad, the coaching staff and playing at all the grounds we visit".

Top flight debut at San Mamés

"It really was a dream and even more so given that I'm an Athletic fan. Making my top flight debut with Cádiz was a big deal, but making it at San Mamés made it even more special".

The change in division

"I'd have to say that not having supporters in the grounds means that one doesn't notice the difference that much and with no fans in the stadium, everything is a little more flat. We’ve yet to grasp the full essence of the change. There isn't the same level of enjoyment playing with no fans present as we were used to in our time in Segunda. Having supporters present gives us all a lift and whether things are going well or badly you always feel the presence of the fans. I'd go as far as to say that the current experience is rather strange".

From Segunda B to Primera

"I'm proud to have been involved in this boom time for Cádiz. It's great for those people who live and breathe the club on a day-to-day basis and suffer when matchday comes around. It's great that those people have 'their' Cádiz in LaLiga and they can also feel a part of the success”.

Do you remember your Cádiz debut in January 2014?

"Yes, of course, I remember the grumbling that was going on at the Estadio Carranza and at that time the club were in a tricky situation when I arrived. It's good also to reflect on the period and the whole thing has been a great learning experience".

The team's start to the current campaign

"The team is doing what it has to do, we've been working in this way now for five years and have perfected a way to play and we can see that it's effective in picking up points too. The team is perfect".

Managing the dressing room as one of the club captains

"As all the team are hard-working and humble, there's little to do on that front. I ensure a few organisational aspects, which aren’t even about the sporting side, are looked after and the rest takes care of itself”.

Hopes for the end of the season

"Obviously the objective is to avoid relegation and I hope that at some point next year the fans can enjoy LaLiga Santander games at the Estadio Carranza".