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Olivera, Cuenca, Ünal and Mata scored the goals for Getafe

The blue team started the game with a strong attack on the cadista box, with chances coming from both flanks until they found the net in the 7th minute, when Matías Olivera headed home a cross from the right flank. Although Getafe had the occasional chance after the goal, the yellows didn’t surround and had chances to find an equaliser.


The cadista team had several chances to find the equaliser with Pacha Espino on the left and Salvi on the right. There were several attempts for the yellows until the end of the first half, including a left-footed shot from the player from Sanlúcar that David Soria prevented from going into the top corner.


With the score at 1-0, the game went to the break, with both teams coming close. It was Jorge Cuenca in the 60th minute, from a set piece, who sent the ball into the goal to score the 2-0 at the Coliseum. The cadistas tried to react with the speed of Álvaro Jiménez, but the blues' defence kept the ball out of the net.


In the last ten minutes, Enes Ünal scored the third goal when he jumped in the box to head home a cross from the right flank, leaving the game practically finished. In extra time, Jaime Mata scored the fourth goal to close the game.