Cádiz CF held a meeting with businesswomen from the province

The event was attended by more than thirty businesswomen


Cádiz CF continues to hold meetings with different social agents to bring the yellow entity closer to all spheres of society in the province of Cádiz, where the Cádiz club is a benchmark at the sporting level. In this way, the anteroom hosted, on Tuesday morning, a new act, in this case with businesswomen from the province of Cádiz.

The event was attended, in addition to the vice president of the club, Rafael Contreras, and the deputy to the presidency and manager of the Foundation, José Mata, more than thirty women, all of them openly from Cadistas, to present their ideas regarding to Cádiz CF, explain their businesses and try to find common ground to carry out activities in different parts of the province's geography.

Likewise, the meeting was attended by the Cádiz CF counselor, Montserrat Medina, who announced that the club "will be at the Business Women's Fair contributing what it can", while thanking "the participation" in the meeting, which she described as " very important because this club is much more than a football club, it is a key element in society". "Among all the social agents we have to unite so that we continue to grow mutually," she stressed.

José Mata, for his part, recalled that "Cádiz CF already has 112 years of history and that passion is being transferred from generation to generation". "We have to keep keeping that flame alive and make Cádiz CF bigger every time," he asked before stressing that "half of our subscribers come from the province and that was unthinkable years ago, it is the most important stage at an institutional level because Cádiz CF has never been growing at these levels". "We have been in the First Division for three years and we have to enjoy this category," he said. Finally, he was proud that "women defend their own very much and men must learn from women." "The activity, integration and involvement is something that we highly value."

The Cadista vice-president, on the other hand, commented on the importance of "businesswomen having a voice and transferring what they see interesting and what could be done with Cádiz C" and, later, he clarified that Cádiz CF has been a "pioneer" in "doing the women's soccer trophy, as well as actions, in a real way, to try to make visible the role of women in society".

"Cádiz CF has strength and reach, it is a powerful brand and is very well referenced at the national level", he assured before remarking the usefulness of the club to "serve as that cannon that multiplies the effect of what you are doing, Cádiz CF is here to support companies in the province".