The Cádiz coach spoke to the press after the victory against Valencia.


Álvaro Cervera, Cádiz coach, spoke to the press after the victory over Valencia: “I saw the same as you did. They left the field alongside the referee because they said that Cala had insulted one of their players.” The Cádiz coach made it clear: “Cala says that at no point did he insult the opposition player.”


Cervera said: “It’s the fist time something like this has happened to us and we did not know how to react. There was a lot of confusion, but Cala insists he did not insult him.” Going on, the coach said, “we’re a faithful, honest team and we don’t do this kind of stuff. That’s what I can say.”


The Cádiz coach also spoke about the match and his team’s win: “The problem was when they got in behind us and scored, we’d looked at that, but it didn’t turn out well. We made some changes and in the second half we changed the situation for the better.”


Talking about how important the points picked up about Valencia are, the Cádiz coach said: “It’s a step forward in the fight to stay up. We’ve got two or three more games we need to win, but there’s no doubt about the fact it’s a good win.”