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Manuel Vizcaíno: “We are looking for a date to be with our Salvadoran friends”

The president of Cádiz CF, Manuel Vizcaíno, spoke to the media at the Seville airport after the incident that forced the team to cancel their planned trip to El Salvador to participate in the events honoring Mágico González.

The Cádiz president explained, "We all felt the engine failure, but none of us are pilots and understand what it meant. It was a moment of uncertainty and fear."

Regarding the planned events, the president of Cádiz CF revealed, "Immediately after landing, the company contracted by INDES informed us that there was no immediate solution, which makes sense. The players were in shock, and it was impossible to tell them we were going to travel. We could see the state they were in because the scare was significant." He added, "We are already thinking about when we will go. We will fulfill our commitment to the government of El Salvador and to Mágico González, as it must be. However, you know that organizing such a trip is not easy, especially given the circumstances Cádiz is in this year. This has been planned for some time; we have prepared everything that Jorge deserves in El Salvador, but the circumstances are what they are, and they made us return. We are eager to find dates to be with our Salvadoran friends."