Open letter to the fans

President Manuel Vizcaíno addresses the cadistas in an open letter


In these moments when everything looks grey, and the real color doesn't matter because it looks grey, we want to reiterate our confidence in a project that has consolidated our entity in the elite of Spanish football, after many years of suffering and wander in non-professional categories.

We reiterate our respect for the fans to express themselves as they see fit, as long as it does not involve any attack on the players who wear the Cádiz shirt, and that for the ninety-many minutes that the game lasts they are to the death with the team. Play well or play badly, the team needs the support of the stands.

When the glass looks half empty, what has been done is useless: that there are no debts, we are a respected entity, we have managed to protect ourselves from external dangers, that the employees are paid or that the subscribers are privileged... We know that football is today , but next Saturday by winning we will have achieved the objective of the first round and that is what we have to focus on. We must defend Cádiz so that what was taken from us on the pitch is returned to us and which at this time would put us in a privileged situation.

Sure we can have a better squad, but for us everyone who wears the Cádiz shirt, while doing so, is the best, and we are proud of them. We compete every week until the last minute against budgets that multiply ours, some by up to five like last day.

When the fan protests, he is always right, but that freedom to express his unease must be accompanied by going out of his way to cheer on the team.

We will continue working as in the last nine years to continue making history and making Cádiz Club de Fútbol bigger every day.

Manuel Vizcaíno Fernández

Presidente del Cádiz Club de Fútbol SAD